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Yarila, Yarovit - Slavic God of Virility and Fertility for Tattoos

Yarila Slavic virility tattoo

The name of the ancient Slavic god of the spring sun is Yarila (for Eastern Slavs) or Yarovit (for Western Slavs). He is also the god of virility, fertility, procreation, physical love, passion and sexual prowess.

Yarila Slavic virility tattoo

He is represented by the image of a smiling face of a young man within the sun or by his symbols (see on the left) used in Obereg (Slavic protection symbol / amulet).

These symbols can be used on the their own, or included with other Slavic symbols to make the Obereg (protection amulet) more potent in your tattoo or to better represent your personality.


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